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Aegle have been helping successful individuals advance their career since 1995. We enjoy working with upwardly mobile receptive candidates and helping them determine their future career path and maximise their potential.

Many candidates have become friends over the years as we maintain regular contact with all those that see the benefit of staying in touch; we have advanced the career of several a number of times. Many candidates have themselves become our clients as our mutual trust and friendship builds.

Career management

For individuals we offer 2 services:

Opportunity Finding – Mid management to Executive

We work with you to place you in a new position with a different company. A free service to individuals.

Career Guidance – Executive

We put you through a personal voyage of discovery to help you identify what you have to offer a potential employer and show you how to reach those goals and succeed in finding that all important satisfying and rewarding position. We charge for this service.

Redundancy and outplacement

For our clients and candidates that have become clients we offer a Redundancy outplacement service to help staff through the difficulties of losing their job and finding another. A service paid for by the company.


Want to become a search consultant and run your own successful business? Look no further!


Does your company require training or help from a real expert? We can supply that expert.


You want the best people working for you, not the most visible; we find these people with the minimum fuss.


Have you achieved your career goals? We can help you to unlock your potential and get a more rewarding career


Having to make staff redundant is never easy, we can help you and your staff through these difficult times.